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Ready to share your life story with your family and friends, or with the world at large? Leave the writing to me. 

In a series of guided interviews at your home or over Zoom, I elicit your life story. Then I transform the recordings into engaging prose that brings your memoir to life. 


Life Story Book: The book of your life, illustrated with photos and memorabilia, beautifully bound and suitable as a gift for friends and family, or published and for sale online. 

Family History Book: Maybe you want a writer to take the long view, over generations. I can interview multiple family members or rely on a single source. The family history can also illuminate elements of national or world history. 

Tribute Book: The tribute book honors a loved one who has died. Photos and written tributes by family members can be combined with a narrative of their life. 

Organizational History Book: Businesses and nonprofits also have a story to tell. Let me help make a record of your organization's accomplishments. 

Audio Memoir: With a CD or audio file of our interviews, you can preserve your life story on a budget. The audio memoir can be your legacy, or you can return and have it made into a book at a later date. 

Ethical Will: Also called a "legacy letter," an ethical will is addressed to your friends and loved ones, and to the future. It distills your values, life lessons, and messages of care and hope for future generations. 

Other Products
Memoirs can take any form, including:

  • Tribute to beloved pet

  • Travel memoir

  • Account of your participation in a significant historical event

  • Family recipe book of favorite dishes or home cures

  • History of your house

Contact me to talk about your project.


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