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Bruno George, Memoirist
I'll write your life story for you.

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman, English novelist.


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We indulge our love of story all the time, devouring novels and TV shows and movies. Even the shortest social media updates—“I was here”; “This is what we ate”—presuppose a larger, fuller life narrative. But most of the time, that larger narrative—the story of your life—exists only in your head. It never gets written down. 

Our stories make us who we are.
We seldom tell our own story in full, except perhaps to a close friend or when we have just fallen in love. But telling your story, looking back and looking inward, has a value apart from new-found love or lifelong friendship. Telling your story helps you understand who you are.

When you tell your story to me, your personal historian, you don’t just get a listener. You get a writer who preserves your life story in a book.

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In 2020, I was so in the habit of living for the future that I didn’t notice I was growing old.

Then the pandemic began. Now life looked shorter and more fragile. I started phoning my mother, and I wrote down her stories about her grandfather. I realized I had found my calling: writing life stories. 

See a sample book, about an actor and mountaineer, here

Read another sample life story here


My fiction has been recognized with an award from the National Endowment for the Arts (under my previous, cisgender name). I also have an MFA in creative writing and a PhD in English. You can read other writing samples here, here, and here.


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